My goal is to help you live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you.

My approach combines an empathic and supportive style with active treatment that is informed by scientific findings. I have expertise in various evidence-based treatments for adults and am committed to providing scientifically validated interventions. I work with a diverse clinical population, including trauma, insomnia, mood disorders, anxiety, and relationship problems. I take my work and clinical specializations seriously and devote time and effort to advance my training and professional development.

Psychologist Chapel Hill N.C.

Dr. Sara Michelson

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I am a licensed doctoral-level psychologist in Chapel Hill, N.C. For your convenience, my services are provided via telehealth. I am a licensed psychologist in the states of Illinois, New York, and North Carolina.

I offer a professional and non-judgmental environment where I listen, ask questions, and strive to broaden our understanding of the underlying issues of distress and unhappiness. Through that understanding and enhanced level of insight, you will learn how to change patterns of thoughts and behaviors. My approach is cognitive-behavioral, which means that we will consider patterns in how you think, feel, and behave, and how shifting any of these can help you better reach your goals.

My work is empirically-informed and customized to the unique and diverse needs of my clients. My goal is to equip you with concrete skills you can use to enact meaningful change in your life.

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