Recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic have motivated me to transition to an entirely virtual practice. I believe firmly that social distancing is the safest and most ethical way to ensure the well-being for everyone and protect my clients.

I use a HIPAA-compliant platform that can be accessed by phone, iPad, or computer. No set-up needed; you simply click a link sent to you prior to the session. The same rules of confidentiality apply to virtual or phone sessions as face-to-face sessions.

Research has shown that teletherapy is equivalent in effectiveness to in-person therapy. Thanks to recent technology improvements, the differences between the experience of a video session and a face-to-face session are negligible. If you are committed to improving, you will do well regardless of whether the sessions with your therapist are held in person or remotely.

Most individuals report that they find teletherapy to be as effective as an in-person office visit. Added benefits include that you will not have to spend time commuting to my office and the lack of school and available child-care will not prevent being able to attend regular therapy sessions.

Teletherapy is an excellent option to ensure you get the help you need even during a pandemic where we need to socially distance to maintain safety. Too often, putting off treatment creates more problems. Fortunately, teletherapy is now widely available.

I am a doctoral-level licensed psychologist in North Carolina; I have expertise in various evidence-based treatments for adults and am committed to providing scientifically validated interventions. I work with a diverse population, including trauma, insomnia, mood disorders, anxiety, and relationship problems. I take my work and clinical specializations seriously and continue to devote a considerable amount of time and effort to advance my training and professional development. For your convenience, my services are provided via telehealth.

Dr. Sara Michelson
Licensed Psychologist Chapel Hill N.C.